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The SHOW II- Top Story

Griggs goes first in the Draft.

The Norfolk Neptunes selected Henderson Griggs with the first overall selection in this year's amateur draft. Henderson is a right handed pitcher who projects as a starter. Expected to have solid control and be tough on right handers, he doesn't throw extremely hard and doesn't have a dominant pitch. He is an injury risk and depending on how he develops he may end up as a reliever. With the #1 overall pick, you hope for a future stud, in this case this writers opinion is dud. Overall this draft was not very strong at the top, so to be fair to Norfolk, it was a bit of a crap shoot. More on the draft inside.....

The SHOW II is a world in Hardball Dynasty, a baseball statistical fantasy game on What if Sports website. It is in its 20th Season, has a great group of core owners and has seen quite a bit of parity, especially of late with 9 different World Series Winners over the past 9 seasons.

About The League

Player of Week

Pitcher of Week

World Rules
We added some rules to the World starting in Season 17. The biggest rule added was a minimum win requirement (MWR). The MWR requires 50 wins in 1 season, 110 over 2 seasons, and 175 over three seasons. If MWR is not met, a group of veteran owners will determine whether a one year probation period is granted. The other rule is that the minors must be maintained.
​MWR This Season


​Norfolk Neptunes- Need 65 for 3 year total


Madison Mallards- Need 60 for 3 year total

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